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GBOM Mistify Longfills


GBOM – Mistyfy Fruit-o-Holic

A walk through the garden of Eden with the wonderous hint off all things fruity. Sweet, Tangy and delicious.

GBOM – Total Blackout

A few extra megawatts of flavor. Juicy Currants , Rejuvenating melon and a spike of citrusy love.

GBOM Mistyfy Summer Fugitive

A Mixture of mouthwatering summer fruits leaving you on cloud 9 at the beach.

GBOM Mistyfy Delightful Gumball

A Hard-shell gumball classic sweet and creamy with a special treat inside. Not just your average gumball treat.

GBOM Mistyfy The Riddler

The Riddler a master of mind games making you wonder if you are savoring on sweet juicy berry like fruits with a spin of classic watermelon cosmo.

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GBOM Mistify Longfill Aromas

Please take note Nicotine and VG Base are sold separately.

Shake and Vape Longfills

Mistyfy Aroma + Nicotine Shot + 80ml VG additive mix them all together shake well and vape your perfect juice as always.

DIY Aroma Guide

24mg 10ml Nicotine Shot + 80ml VG additive – 2mg 120ml
36mg 10ml Nicotine Shot + 80ml VG additive – 3mg 120ml
60mg 10ml Nicotine Shot + 80 ml VG additive – 5mg 120ml
72mg 10ml Nicotine Shot + 80ml VG additive – 6mg 120ml

Flavor Aromas

Fruit O Holic, Total Blackout, Summer Fugitive, Delight Gumball, The Riddler


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